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Soundproof office pods
Nooka Space

Nooka Air is a smart indoor office model that can provide both privacy and productivity while offering a quiet and safe place for working while waiting for flights. Nooka Air consists of self-contained office pods that are soundproof, featuring smart access and control, easy payments, privacy, safety and optimal indoor air quality. With a customed mobile app, Nooka Air can be easily managed and used by any passenger who wants to focus on their work, without being distracted by the airport noise and bustle. The Nooka Air business model enables airports to provide passengers with intimate and safe individual workspaces, creating at the same time a community of users.

The Covid-19 pandemic has bought profound changes in the way we travel, work, socialize and engage with external environments. Nowadays, more and more people worldwide are embracing the anywhere working opportunity and they are inclined to travel more. Thus, the demand for traveling is high and the airports get crowder and crowder. Nevertheless, working from the airport terminals may be challenging sometimes, when workspaces are limited or, in some cases, inexistent. Thus, airports across the world need to create suitable working environments and adopt elements into their designs to support the demand for private working spaces. This is where Nooka Air comes in, as an effective and fully technological integrated solution.

Stand: Z1.2088

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