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First bag-tag printers on trains
BB Computerteknikk

The Norwegian airport express train operator Flytoget has entered into a contract with BB Computerteknikk AS (BBC) to implement the contactless Tagomat tag printer on board all its airport express trains. “This will be the first permanent installation of tag printing devices on board a train, where riders can print bag tags traveling at a speed of more than 200km/h,” says Thomas Ågren, CFO of BBC.

After a successful trial during the summer of 2020, Flytoget announced a tender to purchase tag printing devices to implement on board the airport express trains. “After a thorough evaluation process, we found the tender from BBC to be the most advantageous tender for us,” says Nicolai Bryde, commercial director at Flytoget.

The high-speed airport express train connects Oslo Airport Gardermoen with Oslo Central Station and Drammen, southwest of Oslo. The train departs every 10 minutes from Oslo S and every 20 minutes from Drammen. In 2019, it transported 6.8 million passengers.

“We are proud to be selected for this prestigious project, and we are looking forward to making this a great success for both Flytoget and BBC,” says Rune Thunem, CEO of BBC.

Flytoget is one of the strongest brand names in Norway. It has had top-three rankings on the NCSB (Norwegian Consumer Satisfaction Barometer) 12 times since 2006, and has been number one five times.

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