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New pre-conditioned air system

ITW GSE’s new 3500 pre-conditioned air (PCA) system allows airports to optimize airflow and reduce the infrastructure costs of their ground-support equipment (GSE).

The Automated Aircraft Type Detection feature automatically transfers information about the arriving aircraft type via a visual docking and guidance system (VDGS) or a building management system (BMS). Most PCA systems rely on an average airflow determined by a generic aircraft category, but this new feature makes it possible to identify the exact arriving aircraft type. This optimizes the airflow and increases the cooling performance by more than 50%, enhancing the cabin temperature and ensuring more passenger comfort.
Intelligent Power Management (IPM) lets airports better utilize gate power infrastructure. IPM features in the ITW GSE 3500 and enables the PCA system to monitor all connected equipment.

When the ground power units (GPUs) require maximum power for a short time, the PCA system adjusts its consumption to stay below the pre-set current limit of the complete gate system. This happens quickly and smoothly, and passengers will not feel any change in the cabin temperature. By using the available power at the gate, airports can add more equipment without heavy infrastructure investments.

The ITW GSE 3500 offers the option of a built-in 400Hz GPU. Integrating the GPU in the PCA system saves space and reduces the weight under the passenger boarding bridge. Consequently, instead of having two boxes (PCA/GPU) communicating and sharing power, the 3500 is a single enclosure that controls the complete system, making it easier to install and reducing infrastructure costs. This makes it the ideal solution for narrow-body contact gates.

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