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Face recognition technology
Cognitec Systems

Cognitec continues to introduce new product features to advance its face recognition technology used in e-gates for automated passport control procedures. The company’s FaceVACS-Entry product combines smart hardware for facial image acquisition with software for verification processes, and performs with outstanding accuracy and speed in more than 300 e-gate installations.

In addition to automating border control procedures, face recognition is gaining momentum as a reliable alert mechanism for real-time events. Cognitec’s FaceVACS-VideoScan compares faces seen by the camera to one or multiple image databases and instantly finds known individuals. Security agents can track individuals in real time, or receive alerts on mobile devices to act within the immediate vicinity of a suspect.

Based on the anonymous analysis of faces seen by the camera, security staff can also receive an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area, or detect if a person does not pass through a high-security area within a required timeframe.

Anonymous facial analysis also allows airports to count individuals and track people movement in time and space. For example, the software measures waiting times and people in queues, and triggers alerts to direct traffic, open counters or security lanes, or schedule more staff for high-traffic times. People counting, and breaking down count statistics by age, gender and location, provide critical insights into which areas of the airport are more attractive to travelers than others.

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