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Simple and easy border control

However optimistic the outlook for air travel, the role and importance of efficient passenger screening at various touchpoints remains unchanged – travelers need to experience these as quickly, intuitively and safely as possible. Automation is essential to handle the complex, ever-changing challenges at the airport, including entry-exit requirements for border control, additional health checks (Covid test, vaccine certificates) and visa inspections (checking barcodes by airlines).

For border control, ABC gates, self-service systems and central background systems for managing border control workflows and apps are setting benchmarks for security and reliability and ensuring a seamless passenger experience.

At Passenger Terminal Expo 2022, Secunet will showcase three of its technologies. Secunet easygate has a high-tech design and smart processes in line with premium security for modern airport environments. In addition to standard security measures such as presentation attack detection, the latest generation of easygates covers checks for the reliable detection of morphing attacks.

Secunet easykiosk is a simple, space-saving process accelerator for traveler self-service and data pre-registration. At the counter, border police will already be provided with the passengers’ details including biometrics and background systems checks – allowing travelers to pass through much more quickly.
Secunet easytower provides biometric image acquisition at airports where stationary border control requires speed and the best possible quality.

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