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DAY 1: Automated baggage unloading system can empty 20 ULDs an hour
Siemens Logistics

Siemens Logistics is displaying an automated baggage unloading system, named VarioTip, at Passenger Terminal Expo.

According to Siemens Logistics, VarioTip can empty up to 20 ULDs – approximately 800 items of baggage – per hour. Additionally, an in-built tilting device enables it to empty various sizes of ULD, such as AKE, AKH and DPE, in the arrivals and transfer zone. Once unloaded, the baggage is singulated and fed into the existing system. This automation is designed to ensure consistently high and reliable throughput rates over an extended period and increase the ergonomics of ground-handling operations by minimizing the need for manual intervention. This in turn lowers the left-behind index (LBI).

The system’s compact, modular design is intended to increase the number of existing conveyor systems into which VarioTip can be integrated. To reinforce this attribute, the solution offers a range of layout configurations to suit different technical and spatial requirements. Additionally, Siemens Logistics installed energy-efficient drives to improve the sustainability of its operations.

“Passenger Terminal Expo is one of the largest and most important trade shows for us,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “This is where the industry meets – and we are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions for efficient baggage handling live again this year.”

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