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Biometric photo device with added verification ability

The latest version of Cognitec’s FaceVACS-Entry technology not only takes biometric photos but now also enables their comparison against facial images retrieved from ID documents or databases. The process includes presentation attack detection to ensure a live person interacts with the device.

The lightweight, streamlined device fits a wide variety of installation scenarios, including e-gates, desks, kiosks, free-standing pillars and border control booths. A range of features including instant camera positioning, active lighting and responsive user guidance contribute to optimal capturing conditions, accurate person authentication results and more efficient processing times.

FaceVACS-Entry serves all applications that require the acquisition of standards-compliant photos and the comparison of probe images against live images or stored image data. Examples of such applications include access control, border control and entry/exit programs.

“The combined service of photo capture and person verification saves travelers lots of time at the border. They should complete all immigration procedures in just a few seconds,” says Cognitec’s managing director, Alfredo Herrera. “This new product version unites all the proven features we have thus far developed for border control applications, equipping it perfectly for other identity management use cases.”

The product includes Cognitec’s renowned software for ISO compliance checks. The company’s robust matching algorithm guarantees fast, accurate verification and identification results.

Passenger Terminal EXPO visitors can interact with the technology and speak to the Cognitec team.

Booth: 1730

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