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Cleaning up in terminals worldwide

At this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, Avidbots will show off its Avidbots Neo, an advanced floor-scrubbing robot used in airports to keep passenger terminals impeccable every day of the year. At work in airports such as Singapore Changi, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Tokyo Narita, Tel Aviv Ben Gurion, and Montréal Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Neo robot is fully autonomous, navigating safely through busy terminals at any time of day. Using the latest AI and sensors, Neo autonomously avoids obstacles such as people, suitcases, furniture and temporary installations, updating its route on the fly to always deliver the most effective cleaning.

Neo robots help airports maintain maximum cleanliness and boost passenger satisfaction, despite growing labor shortages that make it difficult to fill janitorial positions. With Neo on the maintenance team, cleaning staff don’t have to worry about the tedious and backbreaking job of floor cleaning and are free to focus on higher-value work that improves passenger satisfaction, such as cleaning bathrooms or tidying waiting areas. Facilities managers can monitor Neo’s progress via real-time video feeds and view detailed cleaning reports via a sophisticated web app called Command Center. Cleaning staff can change cleaning routes, dispatch Neo to a specific area if a spill occurs, and update maintenance schedules with simple taps on Neo’s easy-to-use touchscreen.

Over 30 Neo robots are already deployed in airports, with dozens more installations underway.

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