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LTE/5G private wireless

Airport digitalization, also known as Airport 4.0, allows airports to embrace paperless operations, enhance operational and situational awareness and consequently target a lower cost base to become more competitive. But the journey is a challenging and requires that many stakeholders be aligned. Also, many of the essential applications will need to rely on wireless connectivity, but wi-fi and public cellular services were never designed for the operational requirements of an airport.

Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless delivers reliable, secure wireless broadband connectivity for airport operational communications.

A dedicated LTE/5G private wireless network, separated from the wi-fi and public cellular connectivity provided to passengers, will help boost operational communications, increase operational awareness, enhance the passenger experience, improve airport sustainability and even create new revenue streams. And because today’s private wireless networks are scaled to fit the needs of enterprises like airports, they are as easy to deploy as a wi-fi network.

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