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Operational planning in Changi

BNP collaborated with Changi Airport to develop a tool to help the planning staff better understand complex baggage systems, and the impact that demand changes caused by air carrier moves, schedule alterations, seasonality or temporary system maintenance outages have on BHS operations. The Changi Baggage Expert Simulation Tool (BEST) integrates the T1, T2, T3 and T4 BHS into a single comprehensive operational planning tool.

Unlimited scenarios can be defined and evaluated using Changi BEST, providing critical performance data for check-in counter use, screening components, mainline and sorter occupancy, early bag storage requirements and expected bag time in system for various components.

Although Changi BEST is a detailed model incorporating the BHS components and control policies of each terminal, users do not need in-depth knowledge of the system configuration and controls, or any training in simulation. This information has already been developed within the model’s logic.

Changi BEST has three main components: Interface, Simulation and Analyzer. Interface enables specific parameters for any study to be edited and stored as a scenario. A simple interface with step-by-step instructions with error checking to build and run scenarios was developed. Once all the data has been verified, Changi BEST generates a bag demand forecast based on user-specified schedule and parameters and launches the simulation. Following simulation completion, results are immediately available for analysis. Default output reports display information on critical operating parameters including bag induction rates, in-system times, EBS/sorter occupancies, and screening and sortation rates. Since the detailed trace history of each bag is stored in a database, reports for additional performance data can be generated.

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