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RFID and barcode baggage tracking technology
FEIG Electronic

FEIG Electronic will present mobile solutions, wearables and stationary RFID readers for baggage tracking in any phase of the baggage chain. FEIG products reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency of airports and airlines. They also enable the implementation of IATA resolution 753, which obligates airlines to monitor baggage from the point of acquisition at check-in, to loading onto the plane, through applicable interline transfers and final return to the passenger.

RFID’s important features for tracking, such as 99.9% tracking accuracy, greater speed, coverage and memory size, possibility to modify or add information to the tag and the ability to quickly locate an individual bag from among many, provide great benefits to airlines within their baggage handling processes. Checked baggage has become a multibillion-dollar profit center to the airlines. Higher read rates, greater read ranges, simultaneous capture of multiple and randomly oriented bags, decreased mishandling rates and associated costs as well as identification of at-risk bags for reprogramming to redirect delayed bags are only some of the benefits that are encouraging airlines to invest in RFID.

Two products will be highlighted on the FEIG booth: the LRU500i UHF compact reader and the HyWEAR compact hybrid barcode and RFID wearable.

LRU500i is a small, powerful, self-contained, long-range reader with integrated antenna and signal light designed for rugged outdoor environments and a maximum read range of 10m.
HyWEAR compact increases ramp productivity, saving up to three seconds per bag loading and unloading planes versus a handheld reader. Worn as a fingerless glove, the small, lightweight device frees both hands for work. A high-capacity, swappable battery allows working shifts of up to 10 hours, and state-of-the-art radio technology (Bluetooth and 2.4GHz/5GHz wi-fi with roaming function) offers maximum flexibility.

Booth: Z3.7195

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