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New seating system
OMK Design

Furniture specialist OMK will be showcasing its latest seating system, Metro, which was launched in March this year.

Created to integrate with its environment, Metro’s seamless design utilizes curved and straight modules with a range of complementary accessories, including tables, power and integrated planters, giving the freedom to create bespoke layouts. It has been proved to improve passenger flow, reduce congestion and thus create more usable spaces.

Integrated technology provides easy access to touchpoints such as intelligent charging and information displays screens, which in turn decreases stress levels as passengers can relax while using the space for longer. This approach promotes passenger well-being, which travelers now seek and need at airports.
The low-profile form is designed to give maximum visibility of the built environment, which encourages retail footfall and boosts non-aviation revenue. Materials and color finishes are selected to reflect a natural palette while retaining the durability that OMK is known for. All products are designed specifically for high-use applications and carry a 25-year warranty – the longest in the sector.

Booth: Z2.4120

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