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DAY 2: Veovo launches its resource management system

Veovo has launched its AI-powered resource management system (RMS).

The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced decision support to optimize gate parking and resource allocation. Veovo’s RMS enables airports to predict which flights will be late, early enough to recover or resequence them, and foresee potential resourcing conflicts early enough to prevent them. Using historical big data, flight and people flows, rules and preferences, the system automatically builds robust resource plans. Dynamic models and simulations then help planners proactively understand the impact of changing operational conditions to optimize resource reallocations. These features are intended to reduce the number of inaccurate off-block times and late gate changes that cost airlines and airports in efficiency and on-time performance.

At its booth, Veovo is also showcasing a new suite of machine learning solutions designed to predict anything, anywhere across the airport, across all time horizons – from forecasting passenger and baggage flows to accurate off-block times. With Veovo’s new smart prediction and planning tools, operators can increase capacity, improve resilience and supercharge decision making to improve total airport performance.

Siobhan Boyle, Veovo’s marketing representative, said, “Veovo’s AI-powered resource management system (RMS) enables operators to keep track of all airport operations. This new version is web-based, meaning that everyone at the airport can have an up-to-date view of what’s going on and what changes have been made to the plan. With this solution, you can make the most of an airport’s existing infrastructure, rather than having to build expensive new facilities to increase capacity.”

To find out more about Veovo’s products, visit Booth 1205.

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