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Join Veovo at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020 and see the power of the Predictive Collaboration Platform in action. Watch live demonstrations showcasing how airports can build brilliant operations, better customer experiences and stronger financial outcomes.

Witness laser-accurate passenger flow: learn how to create the most accurate picture of passenger movement through checkpoints. With a live demo, see how airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol are smoothing travel using Veovo’s flow analytics and hybrid sensor capabilities.

Know dynamic forecasting: experience the power of forecasting and see bottlenecks before they happen. Learn how Veovo’s passenger predictability capabilities now use deep learning for the most dynamic flow forecasting based on real-time ops.

Understand the power of predictive: see how Sydney and Helsinki airports are using real-time actionable recommendations and smart automation to transform their daily operations. Watch as Veovo demonstrates how to combine airside data and flow forecasting to optimize gate allocations, turnaround predictability and on-time departures.

Explore revenue-boosting strategies: learn how Veovo is being used by Belfast International and Dublin airports to manage and grow aero income. Understand how to leverage real-time flight and flow data to create in-the-moment digital advertising with the new Veovo Customer Engagement solution.

Booth: Z2.5080

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