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Seating system for the circular economy

The growing awareness about sustainability and global warming affects the airport industry. Customers demand sustainable products, which is why Lensvelt developed Blink, the world’s first seating system for the circular economy. It is made of recycled or recyclable materials, and is completely plastic-free.

Blink was designed by Richard Hutten, an award-winning designer and expert on circular economy. Hutten designed the seating system to offer a wide variety of seating options: sit, lounge and lean. Blink can be configured exactly according the customers’ needs and demands.

Blink is designed in such a way that it requires no maintenance. It is easy to clean and simple to install. It also has a fully integrated and patented electricity system to enable travelers to charge their devices.

Blink has been extensively tested at Schiphol, one of the busiest airports in the world.

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