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Level of service

IATA Consulting’s Level of Service (LoS) Assessment provides an unbiased analysis of airport operations and facilities, followed by appropriate recommendations to help airports achieve the correct capacity balance between all key passenger handling subsystems. The aim is to provide the best-possible solutions for the whole airport community.

The LoS Concept is rooted in the Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM), a comprehensive airport planning guide produced by IATA in conjunction with the ACI.

The LoS Concept comes with four distinct categories: over-design, optimum, sub-optimum and under-provided. In a LoS Assessment, the category for each terminal subsystem – such as passport control or check-in – is determined by a matrix based on passenger waiting time and queuing space. An optimum LoS signals a facility that offers sufficient space and acceptable waiting times but is not too big for existing or near-future demand.

The practical support LoS provides stretches from determining the correct number of seats at boarding gates to longer-term parameters such as benchmarking against other airports and industry standards. In addition, a comprehensive study using cutting-edge simulation technology can determine future facility requirements.
IATA’s LoS Concept projects successfully delivered to date include large international hubs such as Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Jakarta, and smaller gateways such as Athens, St Petersburg and Quito.

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