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Holistic view of the airport status in the palm of your hand

Many airports aim to achieve common situational awareness to enable efficient operations by following industry-wide initiatives, particularly the ACDM framework. However, most technologies used to implement this concept fail to provide complete, actionable information and lack a communication layer necessary for the optimal performance of an airport as a whole.

For example, a delay in one business unit will have an effect across the entire operations, but typical ACDM platforms will not provide information about status, root cause or resolution time that other business units could use to make informed decisions.

To solve this challenge, DTP designed and developed a mobile application called tNexus Airport View, which provides a holistic approach to airport collaboration and gives airside and landside updates to all users, from ground crew to airport management.

Key performance indicators and real-time information on passengers, baggage, flights and resources are presented in an intuitive interface to keep all airport staff informed, help them monitor and evaluate performance levels, and enable them to execute the best course of action.

Smart alerts allow different business units to communicate their latest status updates, breaking the isolation of different teams. The app also provides an array of advanced and visual analytics that aid airport staff in planning and allocating resources based on historical, real-time and predicted data.

Furthermore, tNexus Airport View provides extensive, role-based customization that facilitates access to information most useful and relevant to a user, greatly enhancing ease of use and productivity.

Using the app, airports of all sizes can extend the same information available within the airport operations control center (AOCC) to all stakeholders and bring them together on one mobile platform.

DTP will present a live demonstration of the app throughout Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020.

Booth: Z1.2110

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