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Indra is a leader in providing solutions in transport, air traffic and defense markets and a leading firm in digital transformation. It brings a wealth of experience in airport IT systems, providing solutions across airport operations, including ATC-Tower, ramp/airfield and terminal.

Indra’s airport solutions provide modularity and scalability. These solutions are adaptable to greenfields, expansions and existing airports. Indra is fully committed to innovation by leading its participation in the Horizon 2020 and SESAR European Innovation Programs, ensuring it creates value through the development of innovative services and solutions to meet its customer’s needs.

At the 2022 Passenger Terminal Expo, Indra will display its A-CDM/AOP Solution InPlan. InPlan optimizes the turnaround process by improving predictability and increasing the coordination and the use of AI to automatize the monitoring of airport turnaround processes.

It will also present its passenger flow solution which provides key information to plan operations in advance, reduce disruption impact, optimize the usage of airport security assets and increase the revenue of commercial areas. Similarly, Indra’s multiairports operational solution provides a holistic view of all airports operations and status and implements proactive disruptions management.

The company’s air cargo community solution covers the operator necessities for cargo management but also improves the cargo processes efficiency by automatizing the airport logistics stakeholders’ activities. Additionally, Indra provides the integration and management capacity required to cover all aspects of a greenfield airport IT deployment.

Furthermore, as a leader in sustainability, it continues to improve its environmental commitment, with solutions bringing a positive impact on sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, less polluting airports and environmental protection.

Visit Indra’s booth to see its catalog of airport solutions and its latest success stories around the world.

Stand: Z1.2105

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