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DAY 2: AviaVox demos its loop system alternative

Artificial voice system provider AviaVox, together with public address system designer CNG Systems, is demonstrating a proof of concept for PAstream – the companies’ alternative to audio frequency induction loop systems (AFILS) for airports and airlines.

PAstream has been designed to offer a flexible, cost-effective alternative to AFILS. According to the partners, traditional AFILS (loop) systems cannot usually cover the entire airport. They also require special hearing aids, which means that only a proportion of hearing-impaired passengers can access PA announcements. PAstream is intended to support passengers with hearing impairments or with hidden disabilities such as autism and ADHD – for whom the noise and bustle of an airport can be distressing and challenging.

PAstream uses AviaVox’s passenger announcement software to deliver flight and other types of PA calls to aviation passengers via their own mobile devices. Passengers can store, read, replay and retrieve messages (including past messages) in both text and audio form. The cloud-based app is accessed via a QR code or URL, requiring no special software, hardware, user registration or personal details. With the AviaVox technology, all information delivered to passengers is fed directly from the airport operational database (AODB) and is therefore accurate and in real time.

The audio option enables passengers to play and repeat messages using either simple earbuds/headphones or via a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid paired to the user’s mobile phone.
The text option permits people – including those who are profoundly deaf – to access all the information they need to enjoy a low-stress airport experience and to arrive at the correct gate on time.

Additionally, PAstream’s active PA zone selection and message filtering enable passengers to receive only those messages which are relevant to them – based on location, flight details, carriers, etc. This reduces listener fatigue and supports any ‘silent airport’ policy that may already be in place.

AviaVox is also celebrating its 20th anniversary of doing business at Passenger Terminal Expo by inviting visitors to have a cup of coffee and a slice of Dutch cake at its booth. Johan Godin, CEO of AviaVox, said, “As we all know, the aviation industry was hammered by Covid-19. Any business that has made it through to the other side deserves to be recognized for its courage and fortitude. I’m thrilled that we’re still here, still exhibiting at Passenger Terminal Expo, and still serving airports and airlines as passenger numbers continue to pick up. Join us in raising a cup to the next 20 years!”

To find out more about AviaVox’s products, visit Booth 1405.

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