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Data-driven security decisions
Point FWD

Point FWD is a specialist in data-substantiated decisions for the implementation of state-of-the-art security checkpoint equipment such as EDS CB and security scanners. The company helps airports make well-balanced, strategic considerations for planned installations by using thorough knowledge of the integrated security checkpoint process and available off-the-shelf products.

At the upcoming Passenger Terminal EXPO in Paris, Point FWD will present use cases that show centralized security checkpoint implementations and the various benefits that have been realized thanks to its knowledgeable and experienced advice. The use cases demonstrate practical actions for airports and security companies to advance trial projects and checkpoint deployments toward a more future-proof security checkpoint. Point FWD will help to identify value, plan business strategy and begin operationalization in order to revolutionize the security processes throughout the airport.

In addition to its advisory work, Point FWD always keeps its attention on technologies still in development, as well as future security concepts and groundbreaking changes in procedures that could significantly change the current checkpoint security model. What is the current state of technology and what are those giant steps toward enhancement or even disrupting the current security concept? What are the best solutions for future security problems, assessing the actual state of aviation security technology? Point FWD likes to act as an innovation partner to trigger, stimulate and support innovators on the path to a future security operation.

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