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AR navigation
Pointr, a member of British Aviation Group

Pointr, a deep-location company, will demonstrate its new augmented reality wayfinding at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO. With augmented reality, directions are placed in the real world to guide passengers through the airport in an interactive and simple way. Until now, no-one had created an AR navigation system that worked at scale indoors.

Pointr will also showcase its new Digital Mapping platform. This new technology enables venues to drag and drop a map in CAD format and instantly get an interactive, beautifully designed digital map. Previously it took days to create a digital map and the process was fully manual. With Pointr’s Digital Mapping platform, creating a digital map goes from days to seconds.

Pointr’s technology is in use at many international airports in the USA, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, including Gatwick Airport and many others. It is powered by Deep Location, a set of proprietary machine-learning algorithms that provide excellent indoor orientation and positioning.

By adopting Pointr’s Deep Location platform, airports are able to provide a range of location-based services to their passengers, such as personalized mobile wayfinding and contextual notifications that can be used to guide passengers to their gates on time or allow visitors to explore nearby offers in restaurants or duty free based on their current location.

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