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DAY 1: Alstef Group presents AGV alternative to traditional BHS
Alstef Group

The Alstef Group is presenting its high-speed automated guided vehicle (AGV), BagXone, complete with safety laser scanners and an average lifespan of 30,000 hours.

BagXone has been designed for applications in both bags-by-exception processes – such as oversize bags, rush bags, transfer bags and inspection bags – and as a standalone end-to-end baggage handling system that could replace a conveyor-based system.

A BagXone uses localization technology and safety laser scanners to ensure it knows its position and its environment in real time. Mixed navigation is enabled through area reflectors and contour navigation. This enables trajectory accuracy according to speed and environment. The solution is controlled by BagWare and AGV Manager software, combined with operating support tools to ensure the overall system performance. This means it not only provides 100% bag tracking but will also come to an automatic halt if a person appears in the safety field, and will automatically restart when the area is clear, to reduce downtime.

The vehicles have an average lifespan of 30,000 hours and can operate at speeds ranging from 3m/s for short distances in mixed zones to 7.5m/s for long-distance connections. It offers acceleration and deceleration of 1.5-2m/s² to provide dynamic responsiveness. The AGV has been tested on catwalks, concrete, asphalt, steel grating and metal plates, and is able to operate on slopes of up to 10%. Additionally, its design enables horizontal transfers or dynamic transfers from above, to improve interfacing to existing baggage handling conveyors and chutes for the loading or unloading of bags.

“Often, the biggest challenge for an existing airport looking to increase capacity is the availability of space to extend the baggage system,” said Philippe Hamon, airport sales director for Alstef Group, speaking on the first morning of the show. “The BagXone can work within these spatial constraints – safely and reliably – and for new terminals, a BagXone solution can completely replace the need for a traditional conveyor system offering ultimate flexibility. PTE is the ideal platform for Alstef Group to demonstrate the features of our BagXone to a global airport audience.”

Booth: Z1.3185

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