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Durable belt walkway system
Fenner Dunlop Americas

Fenner Dunlop will introduce its Starglide passenger belt, pioneered and patented by Fenner Conveying for moving walkways. Starglide is uniquely designed with steel cords bonded to fire-resistant rubber for high crosswise stiffness. The belt is supported by edge rollers, which means less noise and a better ride experience for passengers. Its low pit-depth requirements and superior traction, even when wet, make it the ideal choice among architects, engineers and owners. These key qualities provide minimal disruption to the current facility floor, ultimately reducing costs and repairs.

By integrating with Michelin, Fenner Dunlop has been able to develop a complete Starglide belt-based walk system, which will be available in 2023. Significant investments in research and development are focused on energy efficiency (~50% reduction in energy usage) and reliability (less downtime and maintenance). These key features offer a superior moving walk system that leverages the advantages of the belt-based design, while providing a more widely available alternative to the pallet-based system.

Booth: Z1.2035

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