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Real-time luggage tracking on the reclaim carousel

Berds provides innovative, patent-pending solutions to facilitate the collection of checked-in luggage at the baggage reclaim area, eliminate confusion between look-alike bags, improve luggage security, provide timely alerts on luggage fraud attempts and reduce congestion around carousels.

Berds’ Dynamic Display System (DDS) is equipped with high-end technology to display accurate information about baggage as it moves across the carousel. This information may move on the screen in real-time synchronization with the corresponding bag to accompany it all through its travel on the carousel.
Bag information could include a flight number, departure airport, a passenger photo, a passenger name, passenger seat number, passenger boarding sequence, a bag sequence on the carousel, the number of passengers’ uncollected bags, and more.

Displayed information helps eliminate the confusion with look-alike bags and allows passengers to easily identify their luggage from a distance. The system is designed to reduce crowds around carousels, accelerate bag collection, and improve and increase passenger flow. Considering the current pandemic conditions, DDS will prove to be valuable in maintaining social distance and adhering to standard operating procedures.

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