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Tracking carts and trolleys

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020 in Paris, Bagport – the UK division of Smarte Carte – will present its Smarte Carte Connected Operations, which include RFID tracking of luggage carts and trolleys in airports.

Amanda Alwy, chief technology officer, says, “Smarte Carte is an operations-focused team and we think of ourselves as an airport services provider. Our job is to reduce the challenges associated with travel and improve the overall passenger experience. To accomplish this, it is critical that we employ state-of-the-art connected operations in the airports we serve.

“For example, luggage carts and trolleys take away a significant pain point for passengers when they are traveling through airports. Smarte Carte Connected Operations include near-real-time RFID tracking of carts and trolleys, which contributes to providing exceptional trolley availability whenever and wherever needed. But if you have the technology without the right people on your team, connected operations won’t matter. Knowing where carts and trolleys are located gives leaders a true view of what’s going on in the airport, allows for optimization of availability during peak periods, and creates an improved customer experience.”

In addition to the carts and trolleys, Smarte Carte will present its technology-enhanced solutions for bag storage and lost-property management in airports, in collaboration with partner MissingX.

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