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Product launch for PRMs
Staxi Corporation

For more than a decade, Staxi has listened to the disability and aviation communities to develop products that improve access to commercial air travel. Attention to the safety, comfort and concerns of occupants and operators has powered Staxi’s success. At this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, Staxi will unveil a brand-new product – which is being kept under wraps until then – that the industry has long needed.

Staxi’s current product, the Staxi Airport chair, delivers a secure, quiet and comfortable ride from curbside to gate. The Staxi Aisle chair is designed to safely and securely take passengers from gate to seat with optimum comfort and support.

Founder Andy Hart started Staxi after a life-altering accident left his oldest son wheelchair bound. That tragedy, and the journey that followed, was the impetus for the construction and thought behind Staxi’s chairs.

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