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Ergonomic unloading aid
Power Stow

Power Stow will use Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 to showcase its newest baggage-transfer technology. The Transfer Belt is designed to move bags from various types of containers and carts onto the conveyer belt in the sorting area.

Using the Transfer Belt significantly reduces baggage handlers’ workload. Heavy twisting and lifting movements become obsolete, so operators enjoy easier workdays and are more productive. Compared with equipment that requires lifting and twisting, the operator uses one-third of the lifting force when pulling bags onto the Transfer Belt. This semi-automatic unloading method reduces the risk of back and shoulder injuries, resulting in better working conditions.

This unloading technology facilitates faster baggage handling and continuous performance even during peak periods. Using the Transfer Belt, a single operator can handle a large number of items efficiently and ergonomically.

The Transfer Belt also makes baggage handling process gentler. The operator simply slides the bags onto the Transfer Belt, which then guides them onto the conveyor belt. The risk of damage is significantly lower, resulting in reduced costs and increased passenger satisfaction.

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