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Remote control operating system

ARCOS is an all-in-one system that provides comprehensive passenger boarding bridge operations and allows operators to control and drive PBBs remotely from inside an airport office. ARCOS also benefits autonomous PBB operations (scheduled to be available in Q4 2022), as it guarantees PBB operations in all kinds of circumstances.

This solution consists of a cockpit in the airport office, where an operator remotely connects with one or multiple PBBs to control docking and undocking procedures. By having all PBBs connected to a single system, operation times are considerably reduced and the need for an operator to be physically inside a PBB for every maneuver becomes a thing of the past.

One of ARCOS’s key features, the Smart Queue Management Module, helps optimize resources during peak hours of PBB operations. ARCOS offers the complete inside and outside view of the PBB that an operator needs when initiating an operation. Through a multi-camera system in the control panel and visual guides in real time, the operator can execute docking maneuvers with precision and effectiveness that has never been seen before.

With ARCOS, all PBB operations become centralized in a command center, where qualified and well-trained PBB operators can drive multiple PBBs remotely from one or more cockpits. Benefits include up to 65% reduction in staff, the creation of value-added job positions, decreased staff turnover and a reduction of 20% on operating times.

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