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Electric PRM assistance with zero emissions

Bulmor has developed the fully electric E SideBull ambulift to carry up to 15 people.

According to sales manager Konrad Gruber, the feature that is most appreciated is the new battery technology available with lead-acid or fast-charge Li-ion technology, which can be recharged up to 50% in only 40 minutes. He says, “The E SideBull has a 70% quicker docking procedure through the integrated operator stand without stabilizers, and a shorter turn radius compared with previous technologies. However, the most popular advantage is the fact that the machine operates fully electric. The fully electric-powered ambulift achieves up to 400,000kg of CO2 reduction during the vehicle’s lifetime.”

The new E SideBull has a robust Notox frame. It allows one-person operation, with the driver’s seat in the passenger cabin. Constant contact between driver and passengers is possible. The E SideBull saves time, thanks to maneuverability while raising the cabin and with the cabin raised. It is also compatible with all aircraft types (up to A340). Aircraft doors can be opened inside the platform area. E SideBull offers wind stability up to 100km/h and is robust and safe up to a lifting height of 8,100mm. It also boasts temperature control and climatization during vehicle parking, without battery consumption.

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