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Quick queuing
Via Guide GmbH

At Passenger Terminal EXPO, Via Guide will be showcasing a simulation of a fully automated queue. The solution was implemented at a major European hub airport in 2019 and integrates several individual products to encourage a holistic approach to queue management.

Belt barriers and dividing walls with magnetic bases guarantee a stable queue layout without the need for continuous adjustments.

The Via Guide Smart Gates automatically change the walkways through the queue based on real-time information about the passenger flow. This allows passengers to be steered from one segment of the queue to another, or to change the walkways from off-peak times to peak times and vice versa.

To get passengers from the queue exits to the best service positions, screens at the exits display the next available position to the passenger. Station lights above the position also show availability. The availability is triggered by sensors at the service positions. The system can deal with several queue exits with either the same or different priorities (e.g. Fast Track) and guarantees balanced usage of each service position. It is especially useful at security checkpoints with different loading bays side by side, helping to enhance the process and reduce waiting times.

Booth: Z2.6090

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