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Remote air traffic tower solutions
Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO)

The air traffic services that manage the airspace and ground movement are key for airports. But as global travel and the need for greater connectivity increase, air traffic services must adapt. One solution available is the remote (virtual or digital) air traffic tower, which gives air navigation service providers (ANSPs) access to the latest technology to deliver flexible services for multiple airports from a central location.

Remote Tower Solutions (RTS) is a smart technology that is particularly efficient for smaller or remote airports with limited air traffic movements. For those airports, RTS enables increased revenue by optimizing air traffic services and lowering infrastructure costs associated with traditional air traffic towers. Furthermore, RTS helps to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency through sharing of resources and building services.

This efficiency extends to its scalability too, allowing RTS to be implemented at larger airports where there is a need to construct multiple air traffic control towers, where there is limited land to develop or, often, as a contingency alternative.

Apart from improving the financial performance of airports, the reduced use of resources for construction and maintenance make RTS a sustainable alternative.

NACO has successfully implemented RTS in the first project of its kind in the country: the remote tower system at Groningen Airport with Air Traffic Control Netherlands (LVNL).

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