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The new pain: operating with limited BHS staff
Beumer Group

In airports, the lack of baggage handling operations staff has become a challenge when planning operations – and it looks like it’s here to stay. To properly plan future baggage handling production requires a detailed and accurate assessment of past and future baggage production.

Thankfully, this is exactly what data analytics for BHS can provide: a cloud-based interface for data dashboards, visible to the airport and to Beumer Group’s Hotline service, where data is thoroughly analyzed to secure the hub performance. The dashboards give airports an easy overview of data such as where the equipment is misperforming, failing or slowly deteriorating, and where daily and ad-hoc changes such as early or delayed flights cause interference. Everything is displayed in an intuitive graphic to relieve the complexity of the situation in the BHS control room and to support long-term decision making and performance of BHS operations.

Data is a way of dealing with these uncertainties. And even in the absence of Covid-related challenges, the ability to use data enables the airport organization to replace today’s guesswork with informed decisions.

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