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DAY 1: Zafire Aviation Software introduces core suite of aviation solutions
Zafire Aviation Software

Zafire Aviation Software has introduced the latest features of its core suite of aviation solutions, which have been designed to improve passenger experience and enable operational efficiency gains and significant cost savings for airlines, airports and ground handlers.

The company is also demonstrating FirstBag, its updated baggage management and reconciliation system with added auto-reflighting capability for bags that have missed their connecting flights. This function selects the next-best-fit flight to ensure the bags are reunited with customers not only in the shortest-possible time but also with minimal manual work by bag agents.

At the Zafire booth, attendees can witness the company’s FirstRamp ground handling and ground operations software. This solution allocates flight and resource jobs in real time for teams in shifts based on flight schedules, estimated arrival and departure times, engagement standards and employee qualifications. It has been designed to ensure that the right team, with the right skills, is where it should be, ready to perform its tasks at the right time. Similarly, the FirstLoad automated load reconciliation solution has been crafted to save time and paper with NOTOC (notification to captain) on mobile for sign-off by the captain and loading supervisor.

Grant Winter, head of commercial at Zafire, said, “Passenger Terminal Expo represents one of the best opportunities to bring together industry leaders across aviation in one place at one time. The show is a chance for us to sign some existing deals in person and meet new clients who are beginning large-scale IT projects in the post-pandemic era.”

Booth: 3200

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