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DAY 1: Xovis presents its sensor-based analytics solution

Xovis is presenting its Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS), a sensor-based analytics solution.

PFMS is used to optimize airports’ performance at multiple terminal touchpoints. It is supported by the company’s one-stop-shop approach and versatile AI-powered 3D sensors.

Rico Barandun, managing director of airports at Xovis, said, "Xovis continues to expand the scope and sophistication of its sensor-based solutions. We are constantly in dialogue with the industry, always working to anticipate changes in our customers' needs, and are proud to participate in the industry-wide movement to improve the passenger experience.

“Xovis has earned a strong reputation for delivering robust, effective solutions designed explicitly to help airport operators resolve challenges associated with resource overload. At Passenger Terminal Expo, we look forward to speaking with existing and potential customers about improving performance using Xovis award-winning sensors and deep market experience.”

Booth: 1230

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