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Cleaner airport trolleys

Numerous studies have shown that airport trolleys, which receive intensive use by passengers from all over the world, are real receptacles for bacteria, mostly fecal bacteria and Escherichia coli. This creates a serious risk of gastrointestinal, genitourinary or even meningitis infections in children. Even when regular and accurate cleaning is performed with chemical detergents or by mechanical means, it is still not sufficient to guarantee the restoration of optimal hygienic conditions. Thanks to the new patented Sanycar Airport system, operators can easily and economically achieve deep disinfection of trolleys, thus ensuring a clear advantage for all airport customers.

Sanycar is a high-performance, no-touch disinfection system based on UV-C rays and
covered by an international patent. Thanks to its special features, Sanycar is currently the
simplest, safest and most economical method for disinfecting airport trolleys and
minimizing contamination risk.

Sanycar is safe. It is scientifically proven that the UV-C rays within the 2537 Angstrom wavelength destroy the DNA molecular bonds of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and spores), making them harmless and preventing their growth and reproduction.

Sanycar is eco-friendly, since it does not use any chemicals. It is also simple to use. Thanks to its patented system, the surface disinfection treatment is as quick and simple as turning on a light bulb. A sturdy structure, high-tech components and no moving parts further ensure the machine’s long-term use and reduce maintenance to a minimum.

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