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Next-generation, cloud-based airport operational database

AirportLabs’ SkyCore airport operational database (AODB) is a cloud-based, fully featured platform that manages all operations and handles complex flight information in real time. Its cloud architecture ensures quick deployment of new application versions with no impact on users. The intuitive user interface empowers users to input data from anywhere, via any device. Service updates are delivered instantly during live operations with no downtime.

A powerful data integration engine built on the cloud enables fast data exchange with all industry interfaces. The cloud architecture removes the need for on-site appliances and support, leading to reduced maintenance costs.

The flexible, scalable components mean SkyCore AODB can be configured based on the size and specific operations of the airport, enabling it to grow with specific business needs. The fully configurable business rule engine can transform and prioritize data from all incoming sources. The multi-airport capability enables airport groups to manage multiple airfields at once, with operational data managed in a precise manner to ensure data accuracy.

According to the company, the innovative features have proved indispensable at Dubai International Airport, where SkyCore AODB provides all stakeholders with the necessary means for improved decision making and enhanced operational efficiency.

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