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Launch of baggage size detection system

To board a plane with a cabin suitcase, there are some requirements that need to be met. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulates airlines by standardizing the maximum size of hand luggage accepted in the cabin, thereby harmonizing and optimizing the rules for all. However, the weight and size of hand luggage may vary depending on the airline.

A new version of the i720 SkyLane will be launched at Passenger Terminal EXPO. In order to guarantee optimum passenger safety, this new generation of i720 SkyLane will be equipped with a baggage size detection system. The i720 SkyLane is the latest generation of the EASIER eGates portfolio. This new e-gate comes with a double swing door security entrance lane offering high throughput and uncompromising security. With its elegant design, the i720 SkyLane is designed to integrate perfectly into any airport architectural style. Equipped with high processing capacity and an exclusive detection system, the i720 SkyLane guarantees accurate user tracking and prevents any unauthorized use. The i720 SkyLane is a modular product that can be configured with any reader and/or biometrical device, with a wide range of options (egress, color, personalized front cover and more).

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