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Venesta designs and manufactures forward-thinking airport washroom solutions, including industry-leading toilet cubicles, pre-plumbed and high-quality paneling systems, vanity units and washroom accessories to suit even the most demanding briefs.

The Venesta team are getting ready to showcase their range of functional, stylish solutions at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, featuring emergency access System M cubicles, Washwall paneling and the groundbreaking pre-plumbed Vepps system.

Demonstrated in London Heathrow and London Gatwick, System M is a robust cubicle system that is designed to last in busy airport environments. Thanks to its unique patented emergency access system, doors can be opened outward in 30 seconds in the event of an emergency.

Stylish Washwall, specified by airports around the world including London Gatwick, eliminates the need to specify and fit sanitaryware, brassware, mirrors, wall panel systems and electrics individually, and instead uses one unique, modular system that integrates all those elements. With its space-efficient, shallow-angled, solid-surface basins, Washwall provides airports with significant water savings.

Booth: Z1.2060

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