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Checkpoint security
Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection will show how it works in partnership with customers, using design and layout modeling and performance simulation tools to produce open, integrated, data-driven passenger checkpoints. Visit Smiths Detection to discuss any aspect of checkpoint security, from system design to advances in AI, software applications or compliance issues. For example, fully automatic prohibited items detection systems (APIDS) and, ultimately, alarm-only image analysis at the checkpoint could soon be a reality following the introduction of a certification process for object recognition algorithms.

With data playing an increasingly important role in the management and efficiency of the screening process, the Checkpoint.Evoplus advanced screening and management platform will also be showcased. It integrates components from across the entire screening area, collecting and aggregating data to deliver valuable insights, making it easy to monitor system health and performance metrics in real time for faster, more informed decision making. Networks and central screening can be extended to link national and international airport groups.

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