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Airports and airlines need to operate in harmony to enable the best, most productive decisions possible. To achieve this, effective use of IT systems and the vast amounts of data generated across the ecosystem is essential. The ability to bring data together and leverage the inherent value in it is key.

Wipro, as an IT services company, has been instrumental in helping several large airports achieve leadership ratings in ASQ surveys, increase revenue through non-aero sources and increase operations efficiency. Wipro lets domain experts focus on developing value proposition to passengers and airlines.

To create a hyper-connected airport for a better passenger experience, Wipro has developed a strong proposition that encompasses a range of services available to airports and the aviation sector. These include: IT outsourcing; consulting and advisory services for in-air service development, process re-engineering, IT strategy and technology audits; end-to-end build, implement, integrate and manage capabilities for airport applications, IT infrastructure, telecom and security systems, network systems and non-IT systems/assets; running an airport operation command center (AOCC) for smooth and efficient airport operations; airport construction services for airports, project management and control, construction site automation, BIM design capabilities, asset management and workforce management; smart airport ecosystem; and innovation labs for testing the latest technology concepts.

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