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Transforming windows into transparent video screens

VideowindoW transforms everyday windows into transparent video screens. They add value to glass façades and achieve sustainability goals in a fun and profitable way. VideowindoW offers the ability to add a narrative to glass façades (reminiscent of stained glass) to inform, entertain, and engage.

VideowindoW uses pixelated tintable glass to transform glass façades into big-scale transparent video screens. Any content can be used to tint glass, using their patented system, algorithms, and sensor input. By using this technology, glare control can become a media platform. Each module is equipped with a light sensor and uses advanced algorithms to incorporate real-time data from exterior luminescence and temperature. This is key to VideowindoW’s ability to show moving content while realizing glare control. With their transparent video display, VideowindoW unlocks the previously untapped media value of glass façades and combines sustainability with profitability.

Booth: Z1.2050

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