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Renovated passenger boarding bridges
Anton Air Support

Anton Air Support is an expert in inspecting, renovating and maintaining passenger boarding bridges (PBBs) at airports.

With years of experience in building and renovating all kinds of PBBs, Anton Air Support has undertaken projects at many different airports and has developed the knowledge and ability to renovate an old PBB into a completely new one.

Dirk Pepping, managing director of Anton Air Support, explains, “The company is mainly focusing on designing new features to help airports fix their most common problems associated with PBB use.”

The company is currently thinking of a way to convince airports to opt for renovating their PBBs instead of installing completely new ones. According to Pepping, renovation is more efficient as in most cases only a certain area of the PBB needs to be renewed. Moreover, buying a new PBB is a huge investment. On top of that, choosing renovations has an environmental benefit too.

An important focus of the company, according to Pepping, is listening carefully to the wishes of clients: “This way, we keep our clients satisfied with our services, and we can improve our overall skills by creating many kinds of different PBBs and customizations.

“We are proud that we have second-hand PBBs that are only eight years old. These will be completely renovated, installed and commissioned according to the requirements of the client.”

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