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Air mobility

Air mobility or urban air mobility (UAM) could revolutionize airport access networks by offering stunning customer experiences, time savings and opportunities to develop new activities to increase the attractiveness of an airport.

To make air mobility a reality, Setec has developed independent engineering services with a 360° view to design your air mobility transport system with drones and flying taxis (VTOLs). SETEC combines multidisciplinary expertise in the airport industry, infrastructure, mobility, logistics, drones and VTOLs to provide feasibility and market studies, proof of concept, project management and technical expertise services.

Setec is affiliated to French drone organizations (DGAC, Safe Cluster) for sharing experiences and lessons learned in order to shape future mobility efficiently. Setec also contributes to the development and harmonization of future unmanned traffic management (UTM) for the integration of drones and VTOLs into airspace.

Examples of services include city-to-airport shuttle feasibility studies, international passenger drone market studies, automated drone proof of concept for remote monitoring, vertiport technical expertise and design, and noise impact studies for public acceptance purposes.

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