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Automatic document checking in under one second
Regula Baltija

Regula, a manufacturer of forensic devices and special software for document authentication, recommends using an automated system that can check a document in less than one second. The company’s newest solution – Regula Document Reader SDK – is based on the optical character recognition mechanism, which guarantees rapid and accurate verification of identity documents using any device.

Regula SDK is used to automate data entry from an identity document. When checking-in online, purchasing tickets, booking a hotel room, renting a car, etc, a person simply needs to take a photo of the data page or upload its image. The system will automatically recognize the passport details of the client and fill in the required fields. Automatic form-filling significantly reduces the time spent on standard operations and eliminates errors typical for manual data entry.

When verifying a document, a corresponding document template is automatically selected from the SDK database. Thus, the software obtains information about the layout of text and graphic fields, whether the document contains an RFID chip, barcodes or other types of security features, as well as information about the performed document checks and their parameters. And then recognition of characters in the visual inspection zone happens in the blink of an eye. As a result, text data is parsed into separate fields. The SDK database is constantly updated and there are over 10,000 document templates: passports, visas, driver’s licenses, etc from 248 countries and territories.

Regula Document Reader SDK is used together with document readers or as a Web API, or it can be integrated into iOS/Android applications. The software supports all the types of MRZ in compliance with ICAO 9303 (passports, visas, identity cards) and ISO 18013 (driver’s licenses), as well as special or non-standard types that are used in some countries. The entire process of data recognition, processing and verification takes place on a user’s device, so there is no need for internet connection.

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