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Innovating wayfinding

Flex offers design solutions for directional and digital signage, social distancing, space management, display and multimedia systems.

Decades of experience developing signage boards, traditional and luminous wayfinding systems and queueing solutions enable the company to provide clients with expertise and consulting services that are essential to meet their specific requirements in every airport environment.

Among its wide range of product options, Flex would like to emphasize its four innovative airport solutions.
Led Chrome is a transparent methacrylate sheet combined with magnetic strips on all sides to enable users to easily open and hermetically seal signage panels. Messages can be replaced in a few simple steps: raise the magnetic frame, remove the old message and insert the new one.

The Tendiflex Sphere post can be customized in endless ways, from the cap to the upper and lower rings combined with the color of the webbing plus the overall finish, resulting in a uniquely personalized product. Customization of the Sphere components can recall a company’s identity by using its logo, colors and graphics, thus helping to strengthen its brand image.

The Rigid queue partition enables easy management of pedestrian flow using space-dividing systems made of transparent polycarbonate panels, customizable according to users’ needs. They are fire resistant and therefore comply with safety requirements for public spaces.

The Tendiflex 360 is a rotating-head queue management barrier. A 360º rotation of the post head allows easy connection between posts, thus avoiding lifting and turning them every time they need to change position. This solution means the webbing is always stretched and perfectly positioned, maintaining a neat and tidy arrangement of the posts.

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