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Integrated passenger information
AviaVox BV

Every airport’s goal is to make the traveling experience of each passenger as easy and relaxed as possible, and helping them to do so has always been the main focus of Dutch company AviaVox. For over two decades now, natural-sounding announcements with the unique AviaVox phoneme technology have been heard at airports all over the world in a multitude of languages, helping passengers to find their way.

Without compromising on its focus on delivering superior-quality artificial voice announcements, AviaVox is proud to announce a widening of its service package toward an integrated information flow. By partnering with companies such as full-service digital agency M2Mobi and digital display solutions supplier Infologic Nederland, AviaVox can now satisfy passengers’ need for information, from personalized audio announcements through an integrated app that combines personalized flight information with positioning and wayfinding, to on-screen real-time personal information and advertising.

With indoor wayfinding and positioning, the airport can approach passengers on a personal level. By responding to a visitor’s location, the app can assist passengers in finding the fastest route to their favorite shops and restaurants. By making use of data such as current waiting times at security checkpoints and other locations, passengers can be informed about how to use their time most effectively. As a result, passengers are more relaxed and satisfied, and at the same time airports increase their non-aeronautical revenue as their visitors have more time to visit shops and restaurants.

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