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Intelligent video analytics

Ipsotek will launch its VISuite product at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020. VISuite 11 is a scenario-based, intelligent video analytics (IVA) platform that combines facial recognition (FR) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions with Ipsotekā€™s patented GPU-based Scenario-Based Rule Engine (SBRE), to provide a powerful solution for mission-critical applications.

Combining AI calibration and video analytics configuration (AIVA), VISuite 11 is a highly scalable solution that allows users to track chosen behaviors of interest in complex environments. VISuite 11 includes as standard a comprehensive toolkit of advanced detection modules that can be used to support a diverse range of solutions. The licensing model enables up to 32 rules to be applied to each camera channel with a perpetual software license. VISuite 11 provides real-time situational awareness, system management capabilities, workflow automation and business intelligence. It utilizes a neural network that has been trained to provide improved classification of objects within a scene. Through additional training, this engine can be optimized to detect project-specific object classifications, such as PPE. Ipsotek software modules include VISuite Advanced, VISuite Advanced A.I., VISuite Professional A.I., VISuite Ultimate A.I., VIFace and VISense.

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