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Beontra, an innovative market leader in airport forecasting and planning software, will launch its next-generation software solution Beontra Horizons at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020 in Paris.

The newest generation of the company’s successful and highly acclaimed B Tactical forecasting software solution helps over 30 of the world’s largest airports accurately predict seasonal passenger flow, building on Beontra’s 15+ years’ experience and establishing a modern solution platform for the entire suite of Beontra products.

Built from the ground up using the most up-to-date cloud tools and technologies, Beontra Horizons is positioned to continue to provide the best predictive analytics and forecasting solutions for growing airports. Fully integrated machine learning, extensive automation of common tasks and an easy-to-use, modern user interface dramatically reduce the efforts for routine tasks and allow users at all levels to focus their time and attention on greater value generation.

Integrated collaborative planning tools enable multiple users and stakeholders to create and utilize the results of many scenarios, eliminating redundant and outdated data sources. The embedded intelligence of the software learns from itself and its users, making suggestions based on changing results and underlying data, yet still without compromising the user flexibility and ability to retain full control.

Beontra Horizons Load Forecasting is the first of the new solutions to be released. It embraces Beontra’s three-pillar user experience design strategy: less effort, same flexibility and more intelligence. Automatic data uploads, industry-tested machine learning algorithms to add missing load information and more powerful forecast tuning options elevate Beontra Horizons Load Forecasting to meet the changing needs of forecasting tools for innovative airports.

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