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Airport analytics

GrayMatter, a leader in analytics solutions for the airport and retail domains, is presenting three traveler experience and revenue enhancement products – Skateboard, StoreSense and SmartLot.

Skateboard is an end-to-end digital airport solution that looks at ways to increase ancillary revenues. It enhances the ‘dwell times’ of travelers through a personalized omnichannel – digital and physical. This versatile digital platform delivers seamless and friction-free travel-related commerce, communication, networking and entertainment opportunities. Through an interconnected digital ecosystem, travelers gain a smoother experience across travel necessities, relaxation, retail choices, dining, or entertainment.

StoreSense is a real-time POS data capture retail analytics solution. It manages concessionaire contracts, enables daily reconciliation, ensures prompt billing, improves cash flow and optimizes share-of-wallet through cross-up-sell, promotional raffles campaign capabilities. It delivers a non-intrusive installation and speedy implementation in under 7-weeks in a subscription model in the range of US$100– US$200 per POS terminal per month. In addition, StoreSense, when deployed as a device, eliminates data-capture software roadblocks on the concessionaire POS.

SmartLot is a car park revenue management solution. This off-the-shelf solution uses machine learning to increase revenues from airport car park facilities through demand forecasting and price optimization. It does away with spreadsheets and statistical tools to forecast demand and pricing. Instead, it helps in real-time monitoring of parking spaces.

Stand: Z2.4018

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