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You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Improving the energy efficiency of a conveyor system in a complex BHS is often advertised as increasing the efficiency of the individual components separately. Theoretically derived values are often used as evidence. However, Lenze goes further with its latest solution for airport applications.

The global automation specialist focuses on data and energy transparency. Its current airport solution can provide real data on the current energy consumption of a conveyor. It also shows how much energy is fed back into the mains during deceleration and is available to other energy-consuming components within the complex baggage handling system. Conveyor systems no longer require break resistors, generative energy is no longer inefficiently burned up, and the complexity of the system design as well as the overall energy consumption are reduced.

The data availability, transparency and connectivity help baggage handling systems operate more efficiently. True to the motto ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’, Lenze has created a new level of IIoT connectivity and data availability for decentralized VFD technology within a conveying system. This forms the basis for predictive maintenance. Access is provided via the newest industrial communication systems with unprecedented transparency, speed and accuracy. This allows users to achieve a smooth flow of materials and easily control the system according to energy consumption.

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